Coffee and Mezcal

Sep 26, 2019 | Preparation

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Coffee and Mezcal

Mexican barista Daniel Tlatilolpa presents his recipe called Coffee and Mezcal. A cold drink made with Natural process coffee from Veracruz, Mexico, young mezcal, mint syrup, and ice.


Type: Cold drink, cocktail type.

Difficulty:  Medium

Time: 5 minutes plus 20 preparation and rest.
Yield: 8 oz (240 ml) approximately.


For coffee

E 1½ oz of mint syrup.

E 4 oz of mineral water.

E 1 oz of young mezcal.

E Ice.

E 9 gr of coffee, Natural process of Veracruz, Mexico.

For the mint syrup

E 10 gr of mint leaf.

E 60 gr of sugar.

E 60 gr of warm water.


E If you do not have an espresso machine, use a Moka pot coffee maker and a stove.

E Food processor.

E Measuring cups.

E Scale.


Coffee Cafe Mezcal ingredients

Coffee and Mezcal Ingredients | Credits: Daniel Tlatilolpa

For the mint syrup

E Place the sugar with the mint leaves in the food processor and cycle for 30 seconds at medium speed until both ingredients are incorporated.

E Transfer the ground ingredients to another bowl and add warm water.

E Let stand for fifteen minutes.

coffee mezcal Mint syrup

Mint syrup | Credits: Daniel Tlatilolpa

For the cocktail

E Make espresso with a Ratio of 1:1.5 or 1:2. Let stand and cool at room temperature.

Coffee Coffee Mezcal 9gr

9 gr of ground coffee | Credits: Daniel Tlatilolpa

Coffee Cafe Mezcal espresso

Espresso coffee preparation | Credits: Daniel Tlatilolpa

E Put 1½ oz of mint syrup in a glass and add ice.

E Then add the mineral water and mezcal.

E Pour the espresso at room temperature over the other ingredients in the glass.

E Mix lightly before taking.

Coffee Cafe Mezcal

Coffee and Mezcal | Credits: Daniel Tlatilolpa


E Be sure to use warm water in the mint and sugar mixture so as not to over-extract and bitter the syrup.

E For espresso, you can use any natural process coffee.

E Do not use more mezcal than recommended so as not to dull the coffee flavors with the distillate.

About the Author

Daniel Tlatilolpa Mexico


From the beginning, I was involved in the work of preparing a cup of coffee and at the same time honoring the entire production chain. Coffee is a world in constant evolution and showing our customers the importance of the traceability and quality of the bean is an activity that I enjoy to the fullest.

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