How to make Flat White Coffee

Apr 30, 2021 | Preparation

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Characteristics of Flat White coffee

Flat White coffee is a milk-based espresso coffee originating in Australia in circa 1980 which has gained popularity in the rest of the world in recent times. Flat White is still one of the most popular drinks in Australia and prepared the same way across the country.

Flat White is a milk-based espresso coffee with 0.5cm froth on top which is less than a café latte or cappuccino. In Australia, it is mostly prepared with a single shot (30mls approx.) coffee. The addition of 0.5cm froth helps bring crema to the top of the drink. Due to its minimum froth, it is less creamy giving it a more distinct coffee flavor.

To prepare a Flat White coffee, you will need espresso shot and lightly textured milk which can be achieved by an espresso machine or alternatively, can be done with manual espresso maker and milk frother.


Type: Hot drink.
Difficult: Medium.
Time: Max. 2 minutes for 2 cups.
Yield: Small 6oz/ 8oz; Medium: 12oz; Large: 16oz.


E Espresso coffee.

E Whole milk.


E Espresso coffee machine.


Aussie Flat White coffee recipe:

E Cup size: Typically, 6oz is used for dine-in and 8oz for takeaway.

E Shot: 1 shot of 30ml espresso per cup generally using 18-23gms of coffee.

E Milk: 180-200mls textured with 0.5cm froth. This can be achieved by adding less air while texturing.

E Serving temperature: 60°-65° centigrade.

E Pour: Poured from a height of 10-15cms from the cup to ensure crema is retained and not too much froth goes into the cup. Optional latte art can be added.

E Presentation: Served in a round pre-heated ceramic cup with saucer and spoon for dine-in or in a takeaway cup with lid. Served with optional sugar.

Cup flat white coffee

Flat White coffee | Credits: Babin Gurung.


Flat White coffee variation:

E 12oz cup will have 2 shots (60mls approx.) coffee and 16oz will have 3 shots (90mls approx.) coffee.

E Strong Flat White order will have an additional shot added to it.

E Flat White can also be prepared with a single of double ristretto.

E Variety of milk can be used for this drink textured to the same 0.5 cm.

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