How to brew coffee with an Aeropress

Jan 22, 2020 | Preparation

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How to make coffee with the Aeropress

Aeropress is a coffee brewing device invented in 2005 by the American Alan Adler. Its structure is formed by two plastic cylinders that together function as a syringe that introduces pressurized air over the mixture of water and ground coffee to filter the coffee through a paper or cylindrical metal filter.

In this test, we will show you everything you need to know to make the most of and improve the taste of your coffees, in a very easy and practical way with this portable Aeropress method, the method known to date for performing competitions worldwide.


Type: Hot drink.

Difficulty:  Easy

Time: 5 minutes.
Yield: One cup (approximately 150 ml).


E 22 gr of specialty coffee.

E 207 gr of water (90°C).


E An Aeropress.

E Aeropress paper filter.

E Scale.

E Thermometer.

E Kettle or kettle to heat water.

E Cup.

E Manual or electric mill.

E Stopwatch.


Utensils - Aeropress

Utensils needed. | Credits: Jonathan Trincado.


E Heat the water to a temperature of 90°C.

E Insert the filter into the filter cover.

Paper filter - Aeropress

Paper filter. | Credits: Jonathan Trincado.

E Place the filter lid on the Aeropress and placed it in the cup.

E Pre-heat the filter with hot water to remove the flavors from the paper filter and discard the water.

E Place everything on the scale for better quantity control.

Scale - Aeropress

Aeropress/cup set on the scale. | Credits: Jonathan Trincado.

E Add the medium grind coffee to the Aeropress.
Ground coffee - Aeropress

Ground coffee. | Credits: Jonathan Trincado.

E Add 40 gr of hot water to make a pre-infusion.

E Add the rest of the water until the 207 gr of water is completed, at the end of the discharge, make small turbulence.

coffee and water - Aeropress

Mix ground coffee and water. | Credits: Jonathan Trincado.

E When you are ready, insert the plunger into the Aeropress and press it until you get our drink.
Coffee extraction - Aeropress

Coffee extraction. | Credits: Jonathan Trincado.

E Enjoy your coffee.
Coffee prepared

Coffee prepared. | Credits: Jonathan Trincado.

E Clean the instruments used.

It is my favorite form of elaboration since in this way I managed to be 1st place in a regional competition and 2nd place in the national competition of the same year, so I will show you step by step my technique and recipe. The ingredients are the same as those mentioned above, with the only difference that this time we will use 205 gr of water.

E Remove the filter cover from the Aeropress and place it in a cup.

Filter pre-infusion - Aeropress

Filter pre-infusion. | Credits: Jonathan Trincado.

E Place the plunger and invert the Aeropress. Once inverted place it on the scale.
Inverted method - Aeropress

Inverted method.

E Grind the coffee with a medium / coarse grind and pour it into the cylinder.

E In a first pour add water with an initial temperature of 85 ° C up to 40gr and wait at 1:20 min.

E In a second pour add water up to 140 gr and wait for 2:30 min.

E In a third pour add the water until reaching 205 gr and place the lid with the pre-infused paper filter to remove the paper flavor and discard the water.

E Once our 3:20 min has been reached, turn the Aeropress towards the cup making a slight circular movement with the hand to remove coffee particles that remain attached to the cylinder walls.

E Start the extraction process by exerting pressure evenly, leaving at least 10ml of water in the plunger at the end of the extraction so as not to drag bitterness.

Coffee extraction - Aeropress

Coffee extraction. | Credits: Jonathan Trincado.

E Enjoy your coffee.


E Recommended temperatures are between 85°C/90°C.

E It is important to use specialty coffee for better enjoyment since the Aeropress highlights those flavors and acidity peculiar to coffees.

E Making a formula will help us be clear about what we are going to get every time we make a coffee.

About the Author

Jonathan Trincado Venezuela

Barista skills, brewing, sensorial, trainer.

My beginnings were in mid-2013 in a family business in the center of Caracas-Venezuela, there with my cousins Wendys and Kleidys, my passion for coffee began and it was not only coffee but also pastry and artisan bakery. After training, we began to be basic barista trainers, with which I begin to give my first courses taught on weekends.

In 2017 I attended my first national Aeropress competition, remaining within the 16 semi-finalists, but that result was not enough for me, so I prepared for the 2018 competition. I attend the Maracay-Venezuela regional where I get the 1st place, being classified for the national competition held in Maracaibo-Venezuela, being 2nd place nationally.

I currently reside in Barcelona-Spain where I work as a trainer barista and I am still in constant training in the world of specialty coffee because I carry this phrase with me from a special person, “coffee as knowledge is infinite”.

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