How to brew coffee with the Chemex method

Nov 13, 2019 | Preparation

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brew coffee with the Chemex method

Did you know that since 1938 it began to open the way to better quality and brewed coffees; this is partly due to the importance that the coffee grower and the consumer give to their product because behind each cup there is a great story to tell.

To explain this method, I will start by saying that wanting a better coffee or a better preparation does not mean having to investigate too much, it is simply about trying and giving way to our sensory memory which will help us to perceive the characteristics that we most like a certain coffee.

The idea is to be in constant union with our senses; then we will take a step by step to starting having alternative drinks in the daily life of our home.

Chemex coffee maker is an alternative method of brew, different from the usual we used at home with which you will be able to enjoy a drink that will highlight sweetness, bright juicy acidity in the mouth and maintain aromas, which often are not achieved perceive in the basic preparation of coffee.

The first step to receive this experience is to acquire the basic knowledge so that this drink is perfect for you, following international standards that give way to the wide world of coffee.

Learn the history of the Chemex coffee maker.


Type: Hot beverage.

Difficulty:  Easy

Time: 5 minutes.
Yield: Three cups (approximately 390 ml).


E 30 gr of coffee (Medium or Medium-thick grind).

E 450 ml of water (85°C to 90°C).


E Chemex coffee maker.

E Paper filters for Chemex.

E Scale (To calculate the water/coffee ratio).

E Timer or Stopwatch.

E Manual or Electric coffee mill.

E Thermometer.

E Water kettle.

E Gooseneck teapot.


Utensils - Chemex

Utensils for brewing coffee | Credits: Yailin Rubiano


E Heat the water to a temperature of 85°C to 90°C. Use the thermometer to verify the temperature.

Water temperature - Chemex

Water temperature | Credits: Yailin Rubiano

E Fold the filter properly and put it in the coffee maker.
fold the chemex filter - Chemex

Fold the Chemex filter | Credits: Yailin Rubiano

E Soak the filter with hot water to eliminate the taste of paper.
Soaking the filter - Chemex

Soaking the filter | Credits: Yailin Rubiano

E Remove residual water from Chemex.
Remove water - Chemex

Remove residual water | Credits: Yailin Rubiano


EAdjust the mill to the appropriate grinding (Medium or Medium-thick) minimum 10 grams per cup, grind it and add it to the filter. In this case, we will prepare 3 cups so we will add 30 grams of coffee.

Weighing ground - Chemex

Weighing ground coffee | Credits: Yailin Rubiano


When adding the water, it is advisable to hydrate (pre-infusion) the coffee, taking care that the water passes very quickly, avoiding dripping for approximately 30 seconds.


EWe continue to add the water slowly in circular movements, from the center outwards until the calculated amount is completed. (Minimum 100 milliliters per cup) In this case, we will use 450 milliliters of water.

Water pouring - Chemex

Water pouring on ground coffee | Credits: Yailin Rubiano


EOnce all the water is added, we wait until the extraction is finished, (this process takes about 4 minutes) we remove the filter and serve.

Coffee extraction - Chemex

Coffee extraction | Credits: Yailin Rubiano

Café preparado

Brewed coffee | Credits: Yailin Rubiano


When enjoying your cup, take your time to appreciate the changes that your coffee will have as the temperature drops, you will be surprised to discover new sensations.


E When you buy coffee, ask them to show you the technical sheet or the characteristics of the coffee.

About the Author

Yailin Rubiano Colombia


Born in Bogotá-Colombia, my beginnings in the coffee world arose while studying Hotel Administration, (5 years ago) I began to get passionate about the subject, and to go more often to a coffee shop called Pasión del Barista, I did not have enough resources to I took the course so one day I spoke with Mario Andrés Prieto (current owner and trainer SCA of Passion of the Barista) and made an exchange to pay the cost of the course with work.

I have worked in coffee bars and also in commercial, export, and events.

One tip is that when you propose something, so you have many obstacles in your life, somehow you will have to achieve it.

I am currently a leading barista in Pasión del Barista Café y Academia, where I am constantly learning, guiding people to the consumption of special coffees.

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